This stream is for skilled international workers who have both training and experience in a profession or trade that Manitoba needs for their economic development, as well as a strong connection to the province, especially through work experience in Manitoba. While a job offer from a company in Manitoba is strictly not required, a job offer will add substantially to your points under the ranking system the MPNP uses, as we explain below.

Here’s how to apply to the program. It involves several steps, which means you cannot apply directly as a Skilled Worker. You must first submit a profile at MPNP’s online site, as explained below, and then be invited to apply. These are the steps you must take:


Step 1: Create an Expression of Interest

Go to MPNP’s page (here) and click the button at the bottom of the page after carefully reading about creating an Expression of Interest (EOI). You will be creating a Government of Manitoba account where you upload an online profile, much like the process at Express Entry. As you create your online profile by truthfully and accurately answering all the questions remember:

  • Before you electronically submit your EOI, make sure you print the summary page which will show the ranking points you have received as a result of the information you have uploaded. Keep this printed page in your files.
  • If you provide false or misleading information you may be banned for 2 years from re-submitting an EOI. Update any changes in your personal status/information at your MPNP account as soon as possible.
  • If you list a second language, you must have test results showing the equivalent of CLB 5 in that language. See the information on the ranking system below.

The ranking system by which your EOI will be assessed is as follows and is similar but not identical to the ranking system used by Express Entry:

First Official LanguageRanking Points
CLB 8 or higher25 points per band
CLB 722 points per band
CLB 620 points per band
CLB 517 points per band
CLB 412 points per band
CLB 3 or lower0 points
Second Official Language
CLB 5 or higher25 points per band
Maximum total points – Factor Language Proficiency125 points
Age (the date you submit your EOI)Points
21 to 4575
50 or old75
Maximum total points for age75
Years of work experience (full-time, 30 hours + per week)Points
Less than 1 year (not less than 6 months)0
1 year40
2 years50
3 years60
4 years75
Points awarded for any license fully recognized by a provincial licensing authority for jobs requiring licenses in Manitoba and for which candidate has taken all necessary steps to be qualified to work in Manitoba100
Total Points for work experience175
Highest Level of Completed EducationPoints
Master’s Degree or Doctorate (PhD)125
Two Post-Secondary Programs (2 or more years each)115
One Post-Secondary Program (3 years or more)110
One Post-Secondary Program (2 years or more)100
One Post-Secondary Program (1 year)70
Trade Certificate70
No formal post-secondary education0
Maximum Points – Education Factor125
Adaptability FactorPoints
Connection to Manitoba
Close relative in Manitoba200
Previous authorized work experience in Manitoba (6 months or more)100
Completed Post-secondary program in Manitoba (completed program must be 2 years or longer)100
Completed Post-Secondary program in Manitoba (completed program of 1 year in length)50
Close friend or distant relative in Manitoba50
Manitoba Demand
Ongoing employment in Manitoba (6 months or more) with long-term job offer from same employer500
Invitation to Apply under a Strategic Initiative500
Regional Development
Immigration destination outside of Winnipeg50
Maximum Points – Adaptability Factor (Based on only 1 of the above listed factors. You cannot receive points for more than 1 adaptability factor)500
Close relative in another province with no close relative in Manitoba0 points deducted but you must provide this information to MBNP when submit EOI
Work experience in another province100 points deducted as there is a risk you may move to that province when you get your PR status.
Studies in another province100 points deducted as there is a risk you will move to that province.
Previous application to immigrate to another province0 points deducted but you must provide this information when you submit your EOI
Maximum points deducted due to assessed risks200 points


Step 2: Receive a Letter of Advice to Apply

If your points total is among the higher ones in your EOI, you may receive a Letter of Advice to Apply (LAA) from MPNP. This will come after you have submitted your EOI. Once you receive your LAA you will have 60 days to log in to your account at MPNP’s online portal and complete your application for a nomination. You should keep in mind the following points regarding your application for a nomination:

If you have done a self-assessment through the points worksheet or the Come to Manitoba, Canada tool, the MPNP will assess your application based on the information you upload and the documents you provide in your application. The points worksheet and Come to Manitoba tool are for you to self-assess your eligibility. They are NOT used in MPNP’s decision-making process.

You must ensure you submit all required documents. Even if your application is considered eligible, if it is missing documents required by MPNP, your file will be closed, and you will be informed of this by MPNP by email. The required documents include:

  • Personal Information documents:
    • Birth Certificate (with names of both parents clearly shown)
    • Passport (include visa pages if country of residence is not your home country)
    • Marriage/Divorce/Death certificates
    • All adoption papers, custody agreements for dependents of divorced/separated parents as well as travel visas
  • Education documents:
    • Certificate, Degree, Diploma as well as transcripts for each program completed by applicant and spouse
    • If you have used an Express Entry verification code in your application then you must provide an Educational Credential Assessment for any education obtained outside Canada.
  • Employment documents:
    • These should show your work history for the past 5 years including any job held for longer than 6 months.
    • Signed letter of reference from each employer on company letterhead and signed by an official of the company.
    • The letter must mention the start and end dates of your employment with the company as well as a detailed description of your duties and responsibilities along with your wage/salary.
    • If you were self-employed you must include copies of your business registration, your tax records for each year, and any applicable copies of work contracts you were involved in.
  • Language documents:
    • Unless you already have been working in Manitoba in a NOC 0, A, or B job you must provide test results of your language ability in either English or French.
    • The accepted tests are: IELTS General Training, CELPIP General, or TEF.
    • Your test must have been taken no more than 2 years before the date of your application.
    • Your test results will be evaluated based on their equivalent Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) scores.
  • Settlement Funds documents:
    • You will need proof of settlement funds of CAD$10,000 for yourself and CAD$2,000 for your spouse/partner and each dependent.
    • Submit 3 months of Bank Statements and Certificates of Deposit showing you have sufficient transferable liquid assets.
    • If your country has currency controls, you must provide proof that you will be able to transfer the funds to Canada.
    • You must provide documents showing any real estate or other assets but not personal items (don’t include things like cars, jewelry, or furniture) that you and/or your spouse own.
    • If you provided an Express Entry profile and validation code in your application, then you must also provide documents proving that you will meet the Low Income Cut Off (LICO) requirements.
  • Settlement Plan documents:
    • If you have a supporter in Manitoba (usually a close relative or friend who lives and works in Manitoba) then they will receive an interactive PDF form that is called Settlement Plan Part 2 (SPP2e) where they explain how they’ll help applicants achieve their goals.
Number of Family MembersFunds Required (CAD)
1 (just you)$12,475
7 or more$33,014
Funds for each additional family member above 7$3,361

Once you receive your LAA, log back in to your MPNP account and you will have access to the online application form. Remember to first gather all necessary documents. You will have to scan all paper documents into PDF files, with each file being less than 2 MB in size.


Step 3: Nomination and Application for Permanent Residence

If you are successful and are nominated by MPNP, then you will have to make an application to IRCC for permanent residence visas for you and your family.

  • The approval letter is an official government document. Make copies of the letter for your personal records and to submit with your application for permanent resident visas to the IRCC.
  • Go here to see how to apply for permanent resident visas as a provincial nominee. The basic steps are:
    • Fill out the form that you receive in the application package
    • Pay all fees and include receipt of payment for the fees
    • Submit the application by mail .