Traveling To Canada From Caribbean Netherlands: Check If You Need a Visa?

Whenever traveling from Caribbean Netherlands to Canada, the first item on your mind would be to look for a visa. For those countries that are not visa exempted, they still have to deal with the application process. Luckily for citizens from the Caribbean Netherlands things are much more simplified.

Visas replaced by eTA

A visa is no longer a requirement for Caribbean Netherlands citizens as it was replaced by an Electronic Transport Authorization (eTA) which can be applied for online. A much more simplified way of getting entry access!

How long till your eTA is ready?

Canadian government’s eTA program actually simplified everything. A typical eTA takes only 5 minutes to be processed and approved. However, take note that it is a requirement to submit application at least three days prior to your departure date.

What about eTA for a family?

Take note that it is only possible to apply for an eTA for one person at a time. For instance, if a family of three is traveling together, each one has to fill their own eTA form so that each family member can get the required document. ETA can only be applied for by persons of 18 years and above. Minors will require notarized authorization from the parent(s).

However, there are provisions in place for those traveling as a family unit to make applications as a family and avoid paying the application fee for each person.

Why an eTA is a requirement?

Tracking entries and exits into a country’s boundaries is the sole responsibility of government towards keeping its citizens safe. For those visa exempted nations, Canada devised the eTA program to help keep track of traffic in its entry points. Countries without visa exemption must therefore adhere to the visa requirement policy, less its citizens are barred from accessing Canada.

Apart from the eTA, what else?

Depending on the purpose of your travel, you will require other documents including an invitation letter from your friend or family living in Canada for family or friendly visits. In such case, they should be permanent residents or citizens of Canada.

If on a business visit your potential business partner in Canada should supply you with an invitation letter together with their 24 hour contact details. For study of less than 6 months, your new institution must issue an acceptance and admission letter for you to be granted access.

Apart from the mentioned invitation letters, you will also need a valid Caribbean Netherlands passport, passport sized photos and proof of finance to support your stay in Canada. This can also be issued by your host.

Take note that eTA is applicable for short term visits not exceeding 6 months. If intending to stay longer for purposes such as work or study you must apply for the full Canadian visa.