Visa requirements for Dominicans coming to Canada: What’s in your checklist?

Every country chooses which citizens can enter its borders without visa requirements. Canada through diplomatic relationships with other countries, has a selected number of nations around the globe whose citizens can enter its boundaries without visa. Dominican citizens are not exempted from visa when traveling to Canada.


Why a Visa application is necessary

If you are a full citizen of the Dominica living in your country, you are required to apply for the Canadian visa to be granted access. This is because Dominica is not part of the visa exempted nations, whose citizens need to apply for an Electronic Travel Authorization only.

If traveling for a tour, visiting family and friends, attending a business conference or meeting, you will be required to apply for the Canadian visitor visa. These categories of visits are termed as short visit because the visa applicant is expected not to stay more than six months in Canada. Those traveling to visit their grandchildren or children for that matter are also categorized as short term visitors, hence a visa is required.


Conditions for applications

Conditions for the application of Canadian visa are dependent on your type of travel. For instance, if going for a business visit, you are required to show an invitation letter from your business partner in Canada. If traveling to visit family or friend, you must have an invitation letter from your friend or family residing in Canada. For those traveling to visit their grandchildren or children, you must be a grandparent or a parent of a Canadian permanent resident or citizen.

If transiting through Canada by air for transits of up to 48 hours between Canada and your final destination, you must also have a visitor visa. If traveling by car, bus, cruise ship, train or boat, you must present a visitor visa.

In each of these cases, you cannot travel with a dependent person. If that is the case, their visa application must also be taken care of. At the end of your visit, you must demonstrate that you will willingly return to Dominica. Before being granted access, you must also show that you are capable of catering for your stay, or at least your host must demonstrate that.

Kindly see detailed requirements from the Canadian Immigration portal.


Where to apply for your visa

Dominican citizens can apply for their Canadian visas either online or at a Canadian Visa Application Centre. The responsible visa office is the Canadian High Commission in Trinidad. You are required to present your valid Dominican passport, passport sized photos and your application fee which is paid when submitting your application. Any minors traveling with one parent or none must have a notarized travel document. Applications are typically processed within 10 days.

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