Grenada to Canada? Check If You Need a Visa

There’s no doubt that Canada is a great nation, a land full of potential. It’s the reason why it receives over 300,000 immigrants each year. If you are a Grenada citizen thinking about visiting Canada for business, tourism, medical or just visiting friends and family, you need to find out what your visa requirements are.


Do you need a visa?

Canada has a list of countries whose citizens are exempted from visa requirements to be granted access. Citizens of those countries are only required to apply for an eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization). Grenada is not among the visa exempted countries, which means you will require a visa to enter Canada.

A visa is required for stays not exceeding six months. If traveling for business, tourism, medical, visiting friends or family, you will be required to apply for a visa matching your travel purpose. Those traveling for business must have invitation letters from their Canadian business partner. For those invited by friend or family, they must also produce an invitation letter from their hosts who must either be permanent residents or citizens of Canada. If traveling for further studies, you require a letter of acceptance and admission from your authorized Canadian institution.

For those visiting, for tourism or visiting friends and family, you should also have a letter from your employer, if you are employed, that you will continue to have your job once you return to Grenada after your visit.

In each case, you must demonstrate that you have the finance to cater for your needs during your stay. You also have to show that after your visit ends you will return to Grenada.

If transiting through Canada by air and intend to stay up to 48 hours in Canada, you must apply for a visa too. For those traveling in a car, train, bus, cruise ship or boat have to apply for their Canadian visa as well.


Where to apply for your visa

Visa applications are done at Consular, High Commission or an Embassy. However, Grenada does not have any resident government office of Canada. Visa applications are done at the closest Visa Application Centre (VAC) in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago or Georgetown, Guyana. You can also can get consular assistance and further information from the High Commission of Canada in Port-of-Spain.

You will require a duly filled application form, your valid Grenada passport, passport sized photos and other necessary documents depending on your travel purpose. If travelling with a minor who isn’t your child or one parent is present, you must obtain a notarized authorization from the other parent or guardian. Processing and approval typically take up to 2 weeks.

Ready to explore Canada? Start your visa application process today!