Haitian traveling to Canada? Find out your visa requirements

Before making an application, you must determine the type of entry document you are required to have for your visit. Haitians are required to have a visa to gain entry into Canada.


Where to submit your application

Canadian visa office in Haiti is located in Port au Prince. Any Haitian or person residing in Haiti is required to submit their applications either online or in person at a closest Visa Applicant Centre (VAC) located in Port-au-Prince, Haiti or Kingston and Montego Bay in Jamaica. Visa applications to be made are solely dependent on your type of stay or visit.


Visa types to be apply for

There are various types of visas to be applied for depending on your type of travel. A Visitor visa is required for stays in Canada not exceeding 6 months. These include travels such as tourism, short term study, friend or family visit, business, medical or diplomatic travel.


Touring or visiting a friend

If traveling for tours, you will require a visitor visa for stays not more than 6 months. The temporary resident visa can be however extended should you feel that you need to stay a little longer following its expiry.

If visiting a Haitian friend or family, you will also require the temporary visa together with your invitation letter. The letter is written by your host in Canada.

If only transiting through Canada to any other international destination, you will be required to apply for the temporary visa. Applications can be made either online or by paper. For paper applications, you have to personally appear at a VAC centre.

The application form is the same as that of the visitor visa one, but you need to specify that it is a transit visa.


Going for further studies?

Canada is among the countries in the world with the best higher learning institutions. The country receives hundreds of thousands of students each year from worldwide. That simply means a very rich culture and diversity of people from various countries.

You can submit your application for a student visa today and get start your journey of endless possibilities. You will need your Canadian institution to grant you a letter of acceptance. Get detailed information on how to get your travel documents and other necessary information, please visit our site on how to obtain a student visa.


Thinking about business?

The Canadian government appreciates those seeking to carry out business with companies in Canada. As such, plenty of information is provided according to your line of business interest. Business travels to Canada from Haiti for period less than six months usually require a visitor visa. If going for work, you will need to apply for a work visa.

Opportunities in Canada are only limited to your imaginations. Start your visa application today!

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