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Education requirements dropped from Stream B of Hong Kong Pathway to PR

Posted on 14/07/2023

If you’re a Hong Konger now working in Canada, or planning to, under the Canadian Work Experience stream of the Hong Kong pathway to permanent residence, then we’ve got good news. The post-secondary education requirements of that stream have been dropped by IRCC.

Canada has announced a further modification to the Hong Kong pathway to Permanent Residence, originally announced in 2021 and modified since then. As we discussed here at MaxCan Visa, the program involves two streams:

  • The In-Canada Graduates stream (Stream A) for Hong Kong residents who have completed a post-secondary degree at a Designated Learning Institute in Canada.
  • The Canadian Work Experience stream (Stream B) for Hong Kong residents who have completed a post-secondary education and have worked for at least the equivalent of 1 full-time year (1,560 hours) in Canada.

The latest change is for the Canadian Work Experience Stream, also called Stream B. You now do not have to have a post-secondary degree or diploma to qualify, starting August 15, 2023.

This means several things:

  • More Hong Kongers with Canadian work experience will become eligible for permanent residency.
  • Removing the education requirements from Stream B will simplify and therefore hopefully speed up the process.
  • More skilled Hong Kongers working in Canada will contribute to filling the gaps in the job market that are currently facing Canadian employers.

A few more points to remember:

  • The Pathway to Permanent Residence program for Hong Kongers will continue until August 31, 2026.
  • Hong Kong residents have until February 7, 2025 to apply for the expanded Open Work Permits we talked about here at MaxCan visa.
  • Hong Kong residents who fled to other countries as a result of the situation in Hong Kong can also apply to come to Canada through private or Canadian government sponsored refugee programs.

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