How Immigrants To Canada Need To Adjust

Posted on 29/02/2016

Canada has many social and economic benefits, and there is no wonder that a lot of people from other countries, especially developing ones, choose to immigrate here.

While Canada promises a better life, moving also causes stress and pressure. Here are a couple tips on how to deal with some social implications that immigrants often experience.

Overcome the homesickness. Being in a foreign country can be a huge emotional distress, especially when you miss the life in your home country. There will be instances where you will miss your home, and feel disconnected from familiar people and places.

However this feeling may come to pass once you try to make your new home a home. it takes time and effort to get through it. But it is doable. I think the best way to start is to try the local food. Then make a list to explore the new town or city you live in. Be open to learn new things. Make new friends including those who are from your own country. Create a routine and keep up good habits. More importantly, don’t feel guilty about being homesick. It is a very real and common anxiety issue. Just don’t let it hold you back.

Build a support system. Being in a new environment, let alone a new country, can be taxing without a support system. Canadians, however, are very accommodating, and many immigrants have an easier time than in other countries. Still, it is not easy to adapt to a society that you’ve just arrived in, especially if you are accustomed to your previous country’s ways.

Actually while you take positive steps to over the homesickness, you are also building your personal support system. It can be an extremely difficult uphill battle if you try to do things alone, So try to seek help from family and friends. Their support, understanding and encouragement can take a big chunk of weight off your shoulder. Cultivate a variety of interests including sports, art, music or any mind-opening activities. It will not only enrich your life but also expand your social network. Moreover, doing volunteer at a hospital, a school or a community center will help you through some rough times as well. Giving support is as important as receiving it.

While living in Canada is a dream for many, it can also be very challenging especially at the beginning. But with positive attitude and actions, you can help yourself go through the transition easier and faster.

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