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New Measures for Ukraine Nationals In Canada and in the Ukraine

Posted on 27/02/2022

If you are a Canadian citizen, a permanent resident of Canada, or an immediate family member of a citizen or permanent resident who’s in Ukraine, IRCC is taking immediate actions to facilitate travel documents and passports for those who need them to leave Ukraine.

As well, urgent priority is being given to Ukraine Nationals who wish to travel to Canada.

In January, IRCC gave priority to the processing of citizenship grants for adoption, permanent residence applications, as well as temporary residence applications for people with their primary residence in the Ukraine who wish to:

  • Reunite with family or travel with family to Canada
  • Work in Canada
  • Start a new life in Canada

Additionally, if you’re a Ukraine national who’s temporarily in Canada visiting, studying, or working, you can now extend your stay by applying for an extension to IRCC. Over 2,000 Ukrainians have already done this since late January 2022.

The following measures have also been put in place by Canadian immigration authorities:

  • A call line for Ukraine enquiries has been put in place using the number: 613-321-4243
  • Use this dedicated webform here and key in: Ukraine 2022 to have your enquiry prioritized.
  • Urgent processing for travel documents including single-travel (one-way) travel documents for immediate family members
  • A webpage with updates on the latest information on Ukraine services including links to other pages. Some examples of the latest information are:
    • The Visa Application Centres in Kyiv and Lviv are closed to the general public as of February 24, 2022.
    • Travel document processing gives priorities to spouses/partners and dependent children of Canadian citizens/permanent residents/Registered Indians.
    • Further measures will reportedly be put into place to support Ukraine Nationals working and studying, or visiting, in Canada.
    • Family reunifications will also be prioritized.

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