The Potential Dangers of an Overpopulated Environment

Posted on 23/05/2016

No one wants to be in an area that is too crowded. Think about your favourite store at your favourite mall, now think about that store around the holidays. It is not appealing to visit because it gets too crowded. It would be even less appealing to live there. Overcrowding in many countries in Africa and Asia is one of the factors driving migration in the 21st century.

As communities grow, they regularly exceed the existing infrastructure that was designed to handle a smaller version of that community. Very few cities or towns are planned so well that they can handle real population growth. When communities grow quickly, populations can overwhelm infrastructure.. What that means is that there is a point at which they can are no longer able to safely maintain and provide for a set amount of people. For example, roads are built to accommodate a certain amount of travel that is estimated from an area’s population. Some areas have populations which have exceeded the amount of people that can be supported and the consequences could be disastrous. So people leave.

Why people migrate?

With overpopulation comes pollution, the kind of pollution that might seem intolerable to someone in a developed country but which is a normal way of life in cities where the population has exceeded the city’s capacity. Too many people also means not enough jobs. And less work means more poverty, which can make the pollution worse. But overpopulation can also bring an increase of violence, as people of different backgrounds are forced closer and closer together. All of these things are good reasons for people to want to emigrate somewhere else. Would you want to live in an overcrowded, dirty, poor and violent place?

The Government Can Handle This, Right?

The increase in population and its assorted problems can threaten the government of the day. Having a lack of basic necessities like healthy food to eat and fresh water to drink will lead to a survival of the fittest mentality in most people, causing them to commit more crimes as a means of sustaining their own life and the lives of their loved ones. It can also lead to people wanting to replace the current government, something that is usually done in these situations with violence.

International Aid?

Most rich countries make a show of helping these troubled countries, but help is often of the token variety: lip-service, token foreign aid, token donations from the population, token refugee admissions. The fact is that everyone wants to look after their own first. A country that is in a dire situation due to overpopulation is not at the top of any less populated, more wealthy country’s to-do list. For example, Canadians will give some money and Canada will take in thousands of refugees, but neither of these things will solve the actual problems causing migration.

It’s no wonder people migrate. The possibility of a better life somewhere else has always attracted people and it’s no surprise that a place like Canada, with its huge open spaces, clean air and water and relative safety is so attractive to people living in crowded countries.

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