Rethinking Immigration Strategy

Posted on 25/04/2016

While it is important to always take a deeper look at any form of immigration for security purposes, there needs to be some logical and rational thought injected within the current rules regarding international students . More specifically, think about the net benefits that could result in allowing international students to come into the country instead of building a wall and keeping them all out. Currently it takes an extremely long time for international students to become permanent residents of Canada, if they can even qualify.

While there are plenty of arguments ripe for the picking, one major argument would be that it is high time to reform the current system on how to retain international students who have studied and worked in Canada . They are already in the country. They have invested time and money in Canada. They are already economically and socially established in Canada by the time they graduate.

But the current Express Entry system makes it extremely difficult for these foreign students, especially young students, to get selected for immigration. Instead of adding their value to the Canadian economy, they are told to go home where they will take that knowledge and possibly compete with and against the very organizations that have taught them here.

The next thing we need to consider is the safety aspect of the whole situation. These students have already gone through the background checks that all visitors and immigrants need to go through to come to Canada. In fact, these individuals are already monitored, they are in the systems, and they have to follow the rules. They have spent a considerable amount of time, money, and effort on bettering themselves in Canada. The chance that they become a danger to the Canadian society is non-existent.

It is generally accepted that education helps to minimize crime and violence. Once these students have passed all of the background checks just to get into the country, they are not likely to suddenly switch personalities and pose danger to society. These aren’t migrants who are wandering into the country aimlessly. These are people who have competed among the best in hopes of becoming even better. If anything, these individuals should be rewarded for their great efforts and they should be enticed to stay, not encouraged to leave.

It is time indeed for Canadian government to change its rules, especially the current points system under the Express Entry system, to make it easier for these international students to immigrate permanently to Canada.

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