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Study in Canada Without a Permit while you Work

Posted on 29/06/2023

Are you a foreign worker in Canada on a temporary work permit? It is now easier for you to study in Canada without having to get a study permit. Here’s how it works:

This 3-year temporary public policy basically exempts foreign workers from the requirements of IRPR (Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations) 188 1.(a) through (d) for studying without a study permit in Canada. 188 1(a)-(d) states that to study without a study permit you must:

  • Be a family member of diplomatic or trade officials, or
  • Be a visiting member of a foreign armed forces, or
  • Be a status Indian, or
  • Study for less than 6 months.

These requirements will be lifted for eligible foreign workers for the next 3 years, giving them new opportunities to improve their skills and/or qualify for Canadian certification of their skills.


  • You have a valid work permit and your application for that work permit was received by IRCC on or before June 7, 2023.
  • Or you applied for an extension of your work permit on or before June 7, 2023.

 Studying without a Permit

If you are eligible, you can now study full or part time until:

  • Your work permit you currently hold or that you successfully apply for expires, or
  • Your work permit application is rejected by IRCC, or
  • This temporary 3-year public policy expires,
  • Whichever of the above occurs first.

Some restrictions

However, if you study full-time your work experience in Canada will not count towards your points total under the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) nor will the work experience qualify you for eligibility for Canadian Experience Class (CEC).

Please note, however, that you can indeed improve your CRS score by:

  • Studying part-time as you work, which allows your work experience in Canada to add to your CRS points, and using your improved qualifications from full-time studies to then obtain experience in higher-skilled jobs you now qualify for; or
  • Further studies could help you achieve a higher level of education and/or improve your English or French proficiency which will in turn increase your CRS points

Period of Validity

This public policy goes into effect June 27, 2023, and expires on June 27, 2026.

As we keep saying …

This is yet another demonstration of how key foreign workers are to Canada’s current and future well-being. You are desperately needed to bring the ratio of working to retired people in Canada back to a sustainable level and government officials are painfully aware of this. There will likely be more news around programs meant to encourage foreign workers to settle and live and work in Canada. Remember to stay tuned for more information and check back with us regularly. And as always, good luck!




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