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Update on Study Permit Changes

Posted on 24/02/2024

As we promised in our article here on the new regulations regarding study permits for international students, the IRCC has added more details to flesh out the changes they announced earlier this year. Let’s dive in and see what else you need to know about study permits.

We mentioned the minimum amount is now $20,635 per year. Now we have a table for the amount of money (in Canadian dollars) you and any accompanying family members will need to come to Canada to study (this does not include the province of Quebec which has its own rules for this):

Total Family members (includes applicant) Funds required per year – does NOT include tuition
1 member (only the applicant) CAD $ 20, 635
2 members (1 additional member) CAD $ 25, 690
3 members (2 additional members) CAD $ 31, 583
4 members (3 additional members) CAD $ 38, 346
5 members (4 additional members) CAD $ 43, 492
6 members (5 additional members) CAD $ 49, 051
7 members (6 additional members) CAD $ 54, 611
If more than 7 total family members CAD $ 5, 559 for each additional member beyond 7 total members


This implies a substantial increase in your living funds that you must have. For example:

  • Under the previous system, for an applicant with 2 family members (say a spouse and a child) they used to need CAD$ 17,000 per year. As of January 1, 2024 the same family now needs CAD$ 31,583 per year. That’s over $14,000 additional funds – not including tuition of course.
  • For an applicant with 3 family members (say a spouse and 2 children) that difference would be over $18,000.

We mentioned that you now need (as of March 31, 2024) a Letter of Attestation from the province in which you will be studying. Here is a more detailed list of the exemptions to this requirement. In other words, people who do NOT need to obtain a Letter of Attestation:

  • You are applying to study in preschool or primary school or secondary school through Grade 12.
  • You are applying to study in a master’s degree program or a doctoral degree program.
  • You are already in Canada and one of the following situations applies to you:
    • You are applying for a study permit extension
    • You have a work permit
    • You’re a visiting student or exchange student at a Designated Learning Institution (DLI) and you’re a temporary resident
    • You have completed a course or program that is a prerequisite to enrolling in a DLI and you’re a temporary resident
    • You are under a removal order but you can’t be removed from Canada at this time
    • You have a Temporary Resident Permit – a permit issued in exceptional circumstances for people who otherwise cannot remain in Canada – that is valid for at least 6 months
    • You’re a family member of a foreign national in Canada who is one of the following:
      • A study permit holder
      • A work permit holder
      • Has a temporary resident permit of at least 6 months validity
      • A member of the armed forces of another country under the Visiting Forces Act
      • An accredited foreign government representative
      • A participant in specified sports activities or events
      • Works for a foreign news company in Canada
      • A religious worker

That’s all for now. Remember to check back for any other updates on study permits and other immigration policies.


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