Anguillan to Canada? Find out your Visa Requirements!

Are you an Anguillan planning to travel to Canada in the next few days? Well, it’s worth knowing what the visa requirements are for Anguillans entering Canada.


Visa substituted with eTA

The Electronic Travel Authorization, popularly known as eTA makes Anguillan citizens exempt from using a visa when traveling to Canada. This is a program which the Canadian and Anguillan governments agreed to in 2016 after 4 years of development. It ties the immigration databases as well as other security information of the two countries to provide a simple and easy travel approval tool. It is valid for up to five years or until the passport expires, whichever comes first.

Any Anguillan entering Canada is required to submit their applications for the Canadian eTA, whether going for business, tourism, medical or transit purposes. You may be allowed to stay for up to six months at a time.

Application for the eTA is required before boarding flight to Canada. This requirement is applicable to those passing through Canada to other countries.


Why is the eTA a requirement?

The eTA system is meant to screen travelers coming from any of the member countries of the European Union and other eligible countries. This approach was agreed upon due to increased levels of terrorist activities internationally and was an attempt to bring Canada’s entry policy in line with that of the United States.

Every applicant must be a full Anguillan citizen prior to submitting their application. As such, if traveling with a passport or any other travel document but with a different status other than citizen, like refugee, you must apply for the full Canadian visitor visa. This visa application must be not be confused with the eTA application, otherwise you risk being denied an entry. In such a case, the eTA won’t work for you!

You have to submit your eTA applications at least 72 hours before your date of departure. For detailed information regarding the eTA requirements, kindly check the Canada eTA FAQs .


Going to Canada to study or work?

If planning to come to Canada to study or work, a full student visa or work visa application will have to be completed and submitted. Further information regarding student or work visa you need other than eTA can be found on our page about Canadian student/work visas.


How long is eTA processing time?

Processing of your eTA can take from as little as 5 minutes to several months depending on each case situation! That includes the time required for approval as well. Once approved, you will receive your authorization in PDF format, via the email address you used during your application.

You don’t need to submit this authorization document at the airport on your flight day as it is already saved electronically in the Canadian immigration system.

It is highly recommended to apply for your eTA at least 72 hours in advance! So get started right away if planning to travel in the next 3 days!