Are you interested in visiting Canada from British Virgin Islands?

For a long time people coming from British Virgin Islands have had many reasons to get worried. This should not continue being the case because things have changed. Before some changes were announced by Canada you would be compelled by the situation to apply for the visa. Sometimes this would last for a long time and you were supposed to go through a tedious process.


What happened?

There are enough reasons why you should have a smiling face. There are some changes which were announced and you will no longer be expected to have visa to travel to Canada. All you need to have is an electronic travelling authorization. The requirements for you to get this document are simple and therefore you will not experience sleepless nights.


Where can you get eTA?

There is no doubt that upon the mention of an electronic traveling authorization everyone has to become eager on where this document will come from. You don’t need to get worried because you will only be required to go through a simple application process and all shall be well.

It is necessary for you to note that you will be required to make this application through an online platform. The process of making payment has also been simplified and therefore there is no cause of alarm. Learn more about eTAs.


How long will it take?

You will probably agree that time is a very scarce resource and that is why you need to be aware that this process will not take very long. Once you have made your application successfully you will only be required to wait for some days and you will be ready to go. The introduction of this system has simplified things and made it possible for you to get your document within a matter of days. At the same time the process is very simple and you do not need to get worried about what will happen.


Which mode of communication is used?

There are various modes of communication which have been embraced by different people and/or organizations. Some of these techniques are easy to understand and therefore there is no need of getting worried about this. The immigration department will get in touch with you once the eTA is ready. They will get in touch by the aid of an email (you need to provide a valid email address in your application) and you will get things done in the right manner.