Cuba to Canada: Check your visa Requirements

Canada is a great country and everyone wants to tour it! If you intend to travel to Canada very soon, perhaps you should have a look at what are some of the requirements for you to gain entry.


How slim are your chances for entry?

The entry restrictions will mostly be dependent on your visit type. For instance, if just going to visit your Cuban friend or an extended family member in Canada, it would be a little more difficult as compared to when traveling for business. The Canadian immigration department staff often think that many of the Cubans applying for visas are simply “defecting.” This would be one major reason why Cubans are not eligible for the eTA program.

Travel purposes such as tourism, business, work, medical visit, studying or diplomatic travel are usually with less restrictions.


What are the travel documents needed?

The requirements generally vary with the type of travel. For travel purposes such as tourism, medical, visiting family or friends, business or any other short travels below 180 days, you will need a visitor visa, also called a temporary resident visa.

If transiting through Canada, you may be required to have a visa. A visa basically shows that you meet all the necessary requirements to enter Canada.

In addition, your Cuban passport is also a mandatory requirement. It should have a validity period of at least 90 days from your departure date.

Other requirements include being in a good health, clean criminal record, proof of income or finance to pay your travel back to Cuba after your visit. You also need finance to take you through during your stay. If going to stay at a friend’s or family member’s place, they should be able to show that they are in a person to cater for your stay.


Invited by a friend or institution?

If it’s an invitation to visit Canada by someone else residing there, you’ll be required to have an invitation letter. If going for studies, especially for a period not more than 6 months, you will require acceptance letter from the institution located in Canada and an accompanying study permit.


Are you a minor?

Applications are done by persons above the age of 18 years. Any children traveling with their parents can be treated as a family unit. If under 18 years and traveling alone or with one of your parents, a notarization from non-accompanying parent will be needed.

Application fees vary depending on the type of visit or visa type for that matter. For detailed information about visiting Canada, kindly visit the Embassy of Canada to Cuba site.

Already have your visa ready and you are set for your flight? Enjoy your stay in amazing Canada!