Dominican (from DR) Visiting Canada: Visa Requirements

Are you planning to visit Canada very soon, either for further studies, visiting a friend, family or general tours? There are great attractions to keep you there during your visiting. So before you become overwhelmed with the imaginations, it’s worth finding out if you’ll need a visa and some of the qualification criteria.


Visa or eTA?

If you’ve been researching online about visa requirements for entering Canada, you must have come across eTA topic somewhere. The Electronic Travel Authorization, eTA makes it easier for your travel information to be reflected against your passport in the Canadian Immigration systems. There are a number of countries under the eTA program with Canada, unfortunately Dominican Republic isn’t one of them.

As such, you’ll need to apply for your Canadian Visitor visa. This is a requirement for short term visits not exceeding 6 months. The purpose of your visit will determine the type of visa to apply for. Those going for tourism, medical visits, business, or visiting friends and family are required to apply for a visitor visa.

If going for business purposes, you have to demonstrate that you have a potential business partner in Canada by submitting their invitation letter. Your partner should also provide you with their 24 hour contact information. Check detailed information regarding business travel from here.

If going for studies, you have to submit your Canadian institution’s letter of acceptance. Under all types of visits, applicants must demonstrate that they are able to cater for their regular upkeep as well as be able to pay for their return flight back to Dominican Republic. A clean criminal record is also a mandatory requirement.

How to make your application

Dominicans are required to submit their applications either online or in person at a Canadian Visa Application Centre. You need to avail yourself with the duly filled and signed application form, a valid passport, and other required documents..

To check all your requirements for the visa application, kindly visit our visitor visa page.



If transiting through Canada to another destination around the world, you will also be required to make your visa application. This is however dependent on how long you intend to stay I Canada. If traveling by air and intend to stay for a maximum of 48 hours, you must have the visitor visa. If traveling by car, bus, train, boat or cruise ship, you are also required to have the visitor’s visa.


Canada has endless opportunities to explore. Ready to start your journey? Apply for your Canadian visa ready!