Martinique to Canada? Find Out If You Need a Canadian Visa

Canada came up with an Electronic Travel Authorization program in 2012 which took four years to implement and effect. The eTA program allows citizens from the visa exempt nations to enjoy a smooth entry into Canada without visa requirements. Martinique is not among the visa exempted nations hence its citizens must apply for the Canadian visa to be granted entry.


Applying for Canadian visa

Visa is required for all types of visits to Canada, including tourism, medical, business, work, study, visiting family or friends. All these are categorized under short term stays and applicants are expected to stay not any longer than 6 months.

For each type of travel, you are required to have a relevant invitation letter. For those traveling for business, an invitation letter from the potential business partner in Canada together with their 24 hour contact details are required. If traveling for studies, you must submit an invitation and admission letters from an authorized Canadian institution. If your studies are beyond 6 months, you are required to apply for the relevant study visa.

For those transiting through Canada, a visa is required for stays of up to 48 hours if traveling by air. If traveling by car, bus, train or cruise ship, you must apply for the Canadian visa.

If visiting family or friends, they must issue an invitation letter duly signed by the relevant authorities. The person inviting you must be a permanent resident or a citizen of Canada. If traveling for work, study or stays that exceed 6 months, you must apply for the relevant visa that suits your case. Check the Canadian visa site for further details.

In all of the cases, you must demonstrate that you or your Canadian host is capable of financing your stay. You must also demonstrate that you intend to return to Martinique on expiry of your visa.

If intending to extend the stay, you should apply for an extension early enough before the visa expiry date.


Where to apply for your visa

Visa applications are done at the Consular, High Commission or Embassy of Canada. Martinique does not have any resident Canadian government office, hence applicants are required to seek consular assistance and further information from the Canadian Embassy in Paris.

You are required to have your valid Martinique passport, passport sized photos and applicable invitation letters depending on the purpose of your travel. You may also be subjected to medical screening, but this will be dependent on the period of time you are applying for. Visa application fee is also a requirement. Check the Canadian visa website for details on application fees.

All visa applicants must be over 18 years. If traveling with a minor, a notarized authorization from their parent(s), if not present, should also be submitted.

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