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Temporary Relaxation of Visitor Visa and Super Visa Requirements for Canada

Posted on 05/07/2023

If you have applied for a Temporary Resident Visa or a Super Visa on or before January 16, 2023, then you may be eligible for …

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Super Visa Extends Length of Stay and Adds Insurance Companies

Posted on 08/06/2022

Are you a permanent resident or citizen of Canada who has grandparents or parents living abroad? You’ve probably heard of the Super Visa. Perhaps your …

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New Instructions for Visitor Visa COVID Exemptions

Posted on 14/09/2021

As Canada continues to ease its COVID travel restrictions, there are a new set up instructions out for visitor visas. As we mentioned a month …

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What is Maintained Status (formerly implied status)

Posted on 13/04/2021

What used to be called Implied Status – the legal status a temporary resident in Canada has after their temporary visa expires, IF they apply …