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Changes to Regulations for Investors Corporate Transferees Professionals and Technicians

Posted on 25/06/2022

Are you a business visitor, an investor, an intra-corporate transferee, or a professional or technician who works across borders and visits Canada to do business …

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Open Work Permits under Temporary Programs for PR Applicants in Canada

Posted on 15/06/2022

Last year, IRCC announced a pathway to permanent residence for temporary workers in Canada (TR to PR pathway) on a valid work permit. You could …


LMIA Exemptions for Graphic Designers and Illustrators

Posted on 28/10/2021

If you are a graphic designer working overseas, there is a recent policy change by IRCC announced in September of 2021. If you qualify, you …

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What is Maintained Status (formerly implied status)

Posted on 13/04/2021

What used to be called Implied Status – the legal status a temporary resident in Canada has after their temporary visa expires, IF they apply …